Tips for Hibernating a Motorcycle During Winter by SharkMotorcycleAudio


Motorcycle storage, especially during the winter season, is a headache for every household. During this period, the weather gets colder and as a result riding time slowly decreases. The best thing you must do to keep your motorcycle in top shape during the winter season is to store it. You don’t just push it into the garage and dump it there. You must prepare it before you think of storage. Below are some steps to get your motorcycle ready for storage over the winter.

Step 1: Fill Your Motorcycle’s Fuel Tank and Add Fuel Stabilizer.

Unused fuel in a motorcycle tank gets old when it is left unattended for long. It starts to clog up the carburetor causing problems next time you try to start your bike. Before you put your bike for storage, you will need to add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. A fuel stabilizer slows down the aging motorcycle fuel. It does this by reducing the moisture in your gas tank.

Step 2: Purchase a Battery Tender And Place It On Your Motorcycle

From personal experience, a battery tender is necessary if you are planning to store your motorcycle for a week or more. If you fail to place a battery tender on your motorcycle, after a month or so, your motorcycle battery will die, and you will need to replace it. If you are purchasing the cheapest battery tender from Shark Motorcycle Audio, you better place it up on your battery because it will be dead quick.


Step 3: Clean Your Motorcycle before Storage

You will need to clean up your motorcycle before you store it. If you fail to do it, fresh dirt will harden up over time, and you’ll find it hard to clean it off. You will also need to rinse off moisture from every part to prevent them from rusting. To remove this moisture, you will need to apply chrome polish to chrome and wax to any part that has been painted. Then, you will need to use a degreaser machine to clean grease and oil from the outside of the gas engine.

Step 4: Start Your Bike regularly

Remember to start your bike for at least ten minutes every week of the winter period. Just start it up and leave it to run for at least five minutes. Frankly speaking, throughout my entire riding years, I have been doing this during the winter period, and I haven’t had any single problem. You may not have time to start your motorcycle every week of the winter time, but remember doing so will save you a lot of money if the engine knocks.


That’s it. You will need to follow these motorcycle winterization steps when you are preparing your motorcycle for storage. You can do the first two steps in less than one hour. For the third step, motorcycle cleaning, it depends on the extent of dirt in your motorcycle. It can take you longer or less. The fourth step is a continuous procedure that you’ll need to do until spring is near. – Getting there is all the fun