Tips for Safe MOTORCYCLE Riding


Motorcycles are frequently found on our roads, especially during the warmer months of the year. With the high price of fuel, it isn’t surprising that the number of motorcycle riders out there is significantly on the rise. It is everyone’s job to do all they can to prevent motorcycle accidents from happening. What can you do while you are on the road to prevent them?

For motorcycle riders, Make sure that you always wear the proper safety gear. Don’t exceed the posted speed limit or ride your bike in adverse weather conditions. If you aren’t confident of your riding abilities or if you are riding with Motorcycle speakers then don’t take that motorcycle onto a street that is busy or onto a highway or interstate. Doing so will only put yourself and others at risk of an accident. Always make sure everything on the motorcycle is in excellent working condition and that you can safely reach all of the necessary controls on the bike.

You should avoid drinking and driving for anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle, and that includes a motorcycle. Unfortunately, there are numerous motorcycle accidents that involve the bike operating consuming alcohol. Motorcycle operators have the responsibility of watching all the other vehicles on the road. Many vehicle operators don’t stop to consider a motorcycle may be behind them or in a blind spot. You always have to be on top of such issues as you are riding. Make sure your motorcycle is has everything it needs to be operational at night. This includes a working headlight.
Experienced motorcycle riders are less likely to have an accident. This is because they understand the rules of the road in greater detail. They are also more relaxed as they are enjoying cruising on their motorcycle. However, a seasoned motorcycle operator can still end up in an accident if they aren’t paying attention. Always keep an eye on obstacles that may be in the road ahead of you. While most vehicles can run over a board or other debris without problem, it can be a major threat to a motorcycle.


Bluetooth subwoofer input Plug n play waterproof subwoofer


Shark Audio  products supports all the latest multimedia     connectivity  i.e  ability to run usb, sd card, headphone jack, super simple bluetooth and radio that gets  you more stations all the above features makes our audio  product line up an very exceting buy.

Shark SHKC7800 1400 watt 4.1 ch motorcycle boat audio system w/ 2 remotes, FM, SD, USB , Bluetooth subwoofer input  Plug n play with our 6 inch waterproof subwoofer.

Everything is the system is 100% waterproof except for the amplifier

Great for golf carts as well.

Finally , a 4.1 channel motorcycle audio system. This system has 4 channels that allows for 4 speakers (that are all included). size of the amp is 4.5 inches (length) 4.5inch (width) *1.75 inch (high)


Speaker Size is 4X3 inches . There is also a input for a subwoofer.

This system has it all. Built in Bluetooth so you can connect to any gps, phone, mp3 player wirelessly. Just keep your phone in your pocket and connect. , Crystal clear FM reception with included waterproof antenna, sd slot, usb slot.

  •     Bluetooth Built in
  •    external antenna jack with marine *grade antenna for             FM and Bluetooth
  •    USB& SD Slot input, 3.5mm AUX input
  •    Big Size LCD Screen to show song
  •    FM frequency, USB, SD input
  •    FM radio
  •    full function WIRED REMOTE / WIRELESS control
  •    Power and MUTE switches
  •    4 Stereo Channels

Whats in the box?

  •     1400 watt 4 channel amplifier with FM tuner, SD slot, 3.5 aux input, built in Bluetooth.
  •     2 full featured remotes (wired and wireless)
  •     External antenna jack
  •     4 speakers with brackets (300 eatt each)
  •     waterproof antenna for crystal clear reception

Shark Motorcycle Providing Great Music System for Bikers


Shark Motorcycle audio products are marvelous in giving punchier and strong sound output. The sound quality is as pure as water flowing from glacier.

We want to satisfied our customers so we delivered the best quality in our products like audio and  Motorcycle speakers.

I had the chance to check out the sound quality of several different systems with different wattage ratings that my friends had installed on their machines.

After checking out those systems I purchased a 600 watt w/3.5 inch speakers for my 1600 Vulcan w/saddlebag amp install. That was over 2 years ago and this system is still rocking the highway with crisp clear LOUD sound! The next was another 600 watt w/3inch Harley style speakers on my wife’s Shadow w/ drag pipes and she could still hear her music at road speed. Next was for her 900 Vulcan w/stock pipes, saddlebag wall install w/ a 250 watt w/3.5 inch speakers. It rocks like a concert stadium! I have moderate to advanced skills working on cycles so I had no problem installing these 3 systems. Pro installers are always available for those that don’t feel comfortable doing installs. Starting with the amplifiers, they are mountable between handlebars ,behind panels on the side of the bike, to inside saddlebag mountings, of course depending on the size amplifier one purchases. The amps have mount plates that allow the use of different screws to mount to differing surfaces, from metal to plastic or even leather. Ours have SD, 3.5 aux device jack, equalizer, and antennas for clear FM reception. The wired remotes have enough length to allow you to put it most anywhere.

Having a trouble no need to worry our 24/7 team is just there to assist you. We have the proud of having the highest number of customer satisfaction .For us your opinion means a lot so please feel free to give any idea or suggestion regarding our product (motorcycle audio and speakers) or services .Give one of these  units a try, you’ll love it and you’ll love watching the folks rock out   with you at stoplights!

Motorcycle audio systems in many different wattage and sizes


If you tired of riding your bike with earplugs plugged and you don’t want to be without your music even while riding. Shark Motorcycle Speakers do just that for you. Be it a style statement that you want to make or just for your own musical beast , our Motorcycle Audio systems will give you the perfect experience.

Shark Motorcycle audio systems come in many different wattage and sizes.They also have SD card slots , USB inputs and aux inputs to play songs from any device. Just plug and play.

Motorcycle music

Shark Motorcycle Speakers are totally waterproof and have differing mounts, from clamps included on speaker mounts, to mounting them on mirror mounts, to very nice heavy chrome mounts as ones I have on the 2 Vulcans. The speaker cables if used on bigger bikes using the saddlebag mounting and speakers on handlebar lack just a foot or two, a cable lengthening kit is available to remedy this. I’ve had to contact Shark Audio when I had a couple issues with the systems but have always been treated courteously and fairly and promptly. Someone has always been there with answers to any concerns I may have had. We highly recommend Shark Audio products for price, quality, and customer service.